What makes us different

Bring to each and every company hands-on added value


An innovative company

b-process’ ability to innovate is a key element to its growth. To implement your invoicing projects, you can count on our ever-expanding experience and our expert teams who know your activity and support you in your projects.

A close relationship to customers

b-process is always attentive to its customers. We are constantlly available and highly responsive to your needs. More than 3,500 customers in all sectors who trust in b-process, rightly appreciate the quality of the relationship which we built day by day.

b-process: qualities that make a difference

  • A unique offering on the market, particularly well adapted to corporate needs for companies of any size and technological maturity
  • Proven and recognized technological expertise
  • Structured innovation dynamics to offer state-of-the-art solutions adapted to customers’ stakes
  • Legal compliance
  • An international scope
  • Mastery of key success factors
  • Large expertise in supporting customers and deploying their sales partners
  • An operations team expert in the management of dematerialization flows
  • Permanent investment in new technological areas
  • A guarantee for a long-lasting and solvent existence thanks to its relationship to BRED